Free Summer Program for the SHSAT

Operated by the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association and students from Stuyvesant High School

StuyPrep's mission is to assist students from underrepresented groups and areas of New York City gain admission to Stuyvesant High School or the other specialized  high schools that grant admission based on the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT), and to promote diversity at the specialized high schools. 

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"

Benjamin Franklin

  • WHAT IS 



    StuyPrep is a summer program for seventh graders to help them prepare for the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) in the October of their eighth grade academic year. 

    The program involves weekly sessions, which will include classroom lessons with a reputable educational services company. Later in the program, participants will work in small groups with current Stuyvesant High School students to develop mentor/mentee relationships, and to focus on their weaker subject areas leading up to the exam.



    The specialized high schools provide a world-class education at the price of attending any of the other New York City public schools (they are completely free). The specialized high schools provide students the opportunity to be surrounded by bright and motivated peers, and they have a consistent track record of preparing top caliber students for college and the years beyond.


    These specialized high schools grant admission on the basis of the SHSAT. Expensive test preparation services are not necessary to do well on the SHSAT. However, students must prepare in some way to excel on the exam. 



    StuyPrep accepts applications from students who are currently in the seventh grade (who will enter eighth grade in the autumn of 2020). We require all students to complete our application process.

    Applications for the 2020 StuyPrep program are now open through May 11, 2020. Accepted students will be alerted in early June. 

    Please note that attendance, completion of the homework, and independent study are required. Failure to do so may be grounds for dismissal from the program, as is any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.






    The program involves weekly sessions that take place on Saturday mornings. StuyPrep begins in late June and concludes in late October.



    We divide the program into two parts.

    In the first part, we host the program at various locations around New York City. Please check Program Details to learn more.

    In the second part, we hold the sessions at Stuyvesant High School. We will provide free bus service to-and-from Stuyvesant and multiple locations around New York City. 

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